Applied pressure to discrete points on body for therapeutic effects.  Acupressure is a traditional Chinese healing modality which uses the practitioner’s fingers / hands along the meridians to access concerns and restrictions in the body. 

The session can aid in calming the spirit, build the immune system, reduce fear and anxiety, improves flexibility and mobility, relieving muscle spasms, balancing energy to aid the body in healing and increasing the blood supply.
This method was developed by Jim Masterson and provides a bodywork session using various amounts of pressure, massage and movement to identify and release accumulated tension in the key junctions of the equine body.  Using awareness of the horse’s responses to help in locating areas of concern for that individual.

Masterson Method®


Subtle clues which can indicate a sensitve area are; heavy blinking, lip quivering, nostrils flaring or changing shape, mane popping over to another side, breathing changes and shifting of ears.


​Reiki was developed in Japan (1922) by Mikao Usui.  This method of healing uses the “laying of hands” on the body, generating a warming of the area and improve the flow / energy in the body by opening the Chakras.  Reiki is a natural and safe method of healing, which aids in restoring balance and vitality by relieving restrictions in the body.

Tui Na Massage

A form on Chinese Massage therapy which uses various techniques including; stroking, kneading, pressing and rolling to aid in movement of Chi in the meridians.  This practice also included specific acupressure points for specific needs, which can include head / neck restrictions, shoulder range of motion, back concerns, elbow issues and hock needs.