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Click below to learn more about Tallgrass Equine and Small Animal programs.
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Sandy is an animal translator who can provide insight into your animals.    The book she wrote is above "Horses from your side of the fence".  This is a very insightful read.
Masterson Massage
Tallgrass Acupressure
Sandy Lagno
Mobile Veternarian for the Denver Metro area.  Dr. Norton supports horses, dogs, cats and more.  Great option if your pets perfer to stay at home vs. the vet office.  Servicing West Denver and Foothills.

Circle of Animals
Show Me Twice
IM Silver
Great used tack options, all disciplines, reasonable prices.
Ivy is able to make jewelry from your horses mane / tail.  This is a great way to keep your horses near your heart.
Kym can provide you a portrait of your animal in a variety of mediums; watercolor, pastels and oil.  

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